WhoReview: Day of the Moon

originally on Technicolor Commentary

I still love the River/Doctor flirtation for far too many reasons.

Unfortunately otherwise I am becoming increasingly more annoyed with Moffat. Even going as far as setting aside his issues with women, he is really pissing on his own legacy as a Who writer and looking like a one trick pony. He has taken the RTD method of finding something that people like and repeating it over and over to new heights:

The Doctor finds young girl. The Doctor saves girl as a kid. The Doctor comes back later and finds girl obsessed over him after he left. The Doctor flirts with girl and they make out a bit before he goes and finds another little girl to start the process over.

I used to think when River said that he found her as a young girl she meant early 20s, but every time she talks I wonder if Steven Moffat needs to be investigated and possibly put on a sex offender list. He clearly has a fetish and should not be left unsupervised with children.

The sad thing is that he has done some amazing writing for the show and elsewhere, but it seems he has completely tapped his resources. So much so that he has forgotten The Doctor who was pissed at Donna for the genocide of the Daleks and let him shift to one who basically delivers the kill order to the Silence.

I want to like this from years of being a Moffat minion, but he is doing a fine job of pushing my buttons even though the story is pushing out more questions and intrigue than LOST.