White Whale

A sale to a tale of woe.

In one of the more recent sales for it, I picked up one of the Steam Link boxes. For the uninitiated, it is a machine that allows you to stream your Steam games on a TV or monitor that is not connected to the main computer.  They weren’t a big seller for the company it seems as they have discontinued it at this point. The software involved is still dubbed Steam Link on their pages and they still support it.

I was intrigued by the newly tiny price and did not have a computer directly connected to my den TV at the time so it had to happen. I was already familiar with the concept from streaming to other computers in house so it was easy to setup.

Then the option to add non-steam games was the next upgrade. I had been using Launchbox on one of the computers that was lower end as I enjoy emulation of older consoles. So I used Launchbox instead of trying to individually load games and I did not have much time to delve into that for all the ones I wanted to play.

I sprung for the year license to get it playing nicely with the Steam Link and it was pretty good.  Loaded well and the controls were already built into the games.

Not able to leave well enough alone, I had to add other games that came from different distributors. Have to make life difficult by never having brand loyalty. This is where the setup started to fight a little. Third party launchers and some games’ refusals to recognize either the Steam control mapping or the Launchbox overrides made me have to work for it.

But each of them in time was workable with the help of stubbornness and the internet. Except one. There is a little game made by Holmade Games called Bit Of War. It is an 8-Bit interpretation of the God of War franchise. It was made with love and care by those folks in 2012.

This game used keyboard controls for movement, which were easy to bypass on the computer with programs like Joy to Key or Xpadder.  Though the Steam interface has a few options to remap for a controller or to use an extra keyboard connected to it, none of the selections were picked up by the game.

It took quite a few attempts and gratuitous searching to get past the launcher just to get the game to run, then no controls worked at all. It did not matter how I tried to reconfigure and what advice I took from local and online sources. The game refused to recognize either controller or mouse and keyboard inputs.

It had been a while and I decided I needed to ask the developers for assistance. The game was so old by this time that they even had trouble trying to help me find a workaround. After a few weeks of back and forth, it was decided that there was not a way to get the game running the way I wanted.

8-Bit Kratos is probably disappointed in me.