The Performance

She leapt at the chance to be on the stage. The sea of people staring back at her were fuel to her essence. None of them were prepared for what was going to happen and she enjoyed the knowledge that the length of their lives were to be decided on a whim.

Black liquid pooled into her eyes, filling them slowly as the temperature in to room grew hotter. The patrons could barely make out the subtle changes in her face as the lines deepened and her appearance grew more inhuman. Her hair then lifted up straight over her head in a pattern that resembled a grand crown.

One by one, the astonished onlookers began sweating profusely, their bodies unable to function normally anymore. In an effort to escape and cool off, several of those in attendance tried to flee outside. By the time they reached the doors, they were reduced to puddles of goo. The room was filled with little glop spots, the liquid boiling from the heat.

She smiled.