Sometimes there is something lurking that you don’t want to write. You push it aside and try to focus on other things, but it just starts screaming at you like a hungry kid that smells brownies. You wake up and it’s sitting at the foot of the bed, drinking your coffee. It nags at you […]

The Hidden

The greatest enemy of a writer probably isn’t a lack of imagination. Some of the least effective wordsmiths have grand ideas but not so eloquent execution. The biggest demon that resides in all writers is that we can see the story but we are burdened with bringing as much of it to life as possible. […]

Cat Dance

The least efficient writing process ever: Sit at desk and open new document. Pop knuckles. Start writing. Wonder if person replied to email from yesterday, so check email. Then check other emails. Inbox zero all around. Stomach rumbles. Take break to eat and drink something. Turn TV on while eating. Watch 3 episodes of random […]