Old Dragon Down

Many eons ago in internet years, a little shack called Open Diary appeared and many people found community. It wasn’t always the prettiest place, but the folks were always there when they were needed. Most of them were on the site for 10 years or more so they felt like they really knew each other.

I was on the site about 13 years. Though I had multiple diaries, I still kept up with a group of people. We looked out for one another and saw each other through not great times.

I hadn’t spent much time on the site lately, the owner had other priorities in recent years. Accessing the web site had become difficult. I also tried to have a more public web presence by moving all of my writing here. It ended up making me write less, and it made me change what was writing about, but I don’t regret the decision.

Another reason I really stopped using it, was that I had needed to distance myself from a few members at the time. I’d kept in touch with others elsewhere, but I’m still thankful for all the folks that I got to meet from the service.

OD is currently in the process of shutting down.

Though OD may or may not have been the first social network, it was pretty much a template for those that followed.

Thank you, Open Diary.