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Shades of Grey

Ace folks aren’t all the same. There are many shades to the grey. Quite a few folks take on the asexuality mantle because they fall outside the normal range of sexuality. This is one of the main reasons that the Ace triangle and flag incorporate black, grey and purple. It is usually just easier to claim plain ‘ol Ace than to describe the variants at length.

Some of the more common terms from the AVEN Wiki*:

        • Asexual – I do not experience sexual attraction towards anyone
        • Demisexual – I can experience secondary sexual attraction – only with people I have formed a relationship of some kind with
        • Semisexual – I do not experience sexual attraction towards anyone, but I have a libido, and do not identify as asexual for that reason
        • Sexual – I have a “normal” level of sexual attraction and do not identify as “gray” (I included this one for general reference)
        • Grey-A– None of the above definitions fit me:
          • do not normally experience sexual attraction, but do experience it sometimes
          • experience sexual attraction, but a low sex drive
          • experience sexual attraction and drive, but not strongly enough to want to act on them
          • people who can enjoy and desire sex, but only under very limited and specific circumstances

*Similarly, some people who might technically belong to the gray area choose to identify as asexual because it is easier to explain. For example, if someone has experienced sexual attraction on one or two brief, fleeting occasions in their life, they might prefer to call themselves asexual because it is not worth the bother of having to explain these one or two occasions to everyone who asks about their orientation.


Sh*t People Have Said to Me

The concept of someone not wanting to shag a decent sized percentage of the population around them wrecks people’s heads.

Here is a short list of some things people have said to me :

  • “You just haven’t met the right ____ yet.”
  • “You are some weird monk aren’t you?”
  • “Is it some religious thing?”
  • “Eunuch”
  • “Do you need to see a doctor about that?”
  • “Maybe you are just depressed?”
  • “Could it just be low hormone levels?”
  • “But you make raunchy jokes/say dirty things all the time. Are you sure?”
  • “You lied. You don’t care about me because you don’t ___.”
  • “Is it because of abuse/hatred/[other things that people want to blame]?”
  • “You just haven’t tried.”
  • “But you flirt pretty much constantly. It’s like those dudes that pretend to be gay to get women, isn’t it?”
  • “Are you some sort of psychopath? Have you killed anyone?”
  • “I have the number of a good therapist.’
  • “There are probably pills for that.”
  • “You neutered bastard.”

and my personal favorite:

“…so you are not a sex addict?” (It makes logical sense, but it is still a long stretch.)

Add that to the pile of confusion that ensues after they put together that I find women aesthetically pleasing and you have enough dialogue to fill a 22 episode order of a sitcom full of gossipy characters.

I get jealous of the majority of the populace sometimes because they don’t have these conversations. Tell someone that you like the same gender and it’s generally one of three responses: love, hate, or pensive acceptance.  Tell someone that having sex with people doesn’t even cross your mind and they think you are making things up or need medical attention.


Asexuality Awareness Week

Asexuality is often written off as that person being damaged, confused, hateful towards a certain gender or misanthropic in general much like many other non-heteronormative sexual orientations. These misconceptions are annoying at the least, but the apparent invisibility of Ace individuals isn’t doing much to sway that. So Asexuality Awareness Week was created.

This week marks the second run of Asexuality Awareness Week. Ace folks and allies are spending our time offering information and spreading the word.

The frequently asked questions.

I think the best description of Ace that I have come across was at AVEN

I’d like to state here and now that I think my sexual orientation is an unrecognized fourth categorization, along with heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. It isn’t an “undecided” or a “none of the above”; it is actually a legitimate fourth choice–it is not “no sexual orientation,” but rather a “sexual orientation of ‘no.'” No thank you; please pass the potatoes. I propose that if a person has no interest, it does not necessarily indicate a psychological issue, a physical problem, or an active sexual orientation that has just been buried.

AVEN has many resources available plus the forums are frequented by Ace folks and allies.

You can follow these folks on Twitter for more updates/info:


The Bell

Usually the bell doesn’t even toll. It mostly just cascades on top of the victim, in a hail of furious sounds, rumbling the air with its homicidal vibrations. One cannot escape its sharp decibel teeth, grazing in the fields on small animals in wait. Not even a vigilant eye and keen aid can outrun the speed of the horrific audio.

Less is More

Dear GetGlue,

In the past, I have been guilty of some serious sticker whoring. It was like a game where acting fast rewarded me with some useless achievement that could culminate in something for my nephew to play with if I ever felt like giving you my address.

Now, I am quite reluctant to check-in to anything until a decent amount of time after it has aired due to the glut of stickers out lately. I’m past the point of giving a damn and working my way to prosecution for sticker assault.

14 stickers for the upcoming Twilight movie? 14. Seriously.

I stopped checking-in to certain shows because I couldn’t not rack up a pile of stickers. It felt dirty like some sticker orgy that I didn’t mean to walk into.

Yes, your users do like stickers. But the sticker bukkake going on right now is a bit much.

At least Miso didn’t make me feel cheap or  like I needed to shower off sticker spooge when I used it.

Calm down guys,



WhoReview: A Good Man Goes To War

originally on Technicolor Commentary

I wanted more.

I wanted more than River being Amy and Rory’s kid. It was so obvious that I hoped it would be a red herring. All that build up for something I gathered when I saw the casting info.

I wanted more than a big battle that didn’t happen.

I wanted more than a retread of a retread and yet another young girl that met and then became obsessed with The Doctor.

I wanted more than another “enhanced” companion.

I wanted one of the species that The Doctor loves so much to actually be his equal. Having her be part Time Lord just cheapens her. Having her be Amy & Rory’s kid just cheapens them all.

I just wanted something to make it feel like it was worth looking forward to.

I’m not disappointed with the actors, the effects crew or even the boom mic guy. They were fantastic.

I guess I wanted too much. Won’t make that mistake when it returns in the fall.


The sad thing about this oft-neglected space is that I write something basically every day. I even do it by hand with those archaic things people refer to as pen and paper. Somewhere in the transition from page to post, the evil editor in my head intercepts and shreds the documents.

I’ve even tried just skipping the pen and going right for the post. There are probably more mutilated drafts in this database than there are actual posts. It isn’t even that the little editor hates the words, they are just never situated right and become painful to look at until they are arranged correctly. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

At least this attempt to even the score with the murderous bastard turned out in my favor.

WhoReview: The Almost People

originally on Technicolor Commentary

Dug the episode. Many of the issues I was having with pacing were cleared up. For some odd reason I have a feeling that there was heavy editing by the showrunner in this one to make up for the past lopsidedness.

Rory has been having sex with fleshAmy. Fodder for awesome vengeance right there. This brings up questions that I don’t feel are appropriate to bring up when discussing a “family show”.

I like the concept of fleshAmy and not her being somehow “extra special”, but the inference to her pregnancy producing a Time Lord bangs against my annoyance to almost all of the companions in the new series saving the day with their magical powers. I would be happy if it were Sexy’s doing, but it might not be.

I’m just glad that it doesn’t immediately come off as an ending we have already done. Might still turn out that way, but at least I get to be optimistic for an episode. That may be mostly attributed to the reappearance of River. While still part of a multi-episode arc, this episode sat better by itself than any of the other ones since the Moffat takeover.

FleshJenny was a bit much, but it made sense in the plotonium and foreshadowing department. At least fleshAmy was slightly different from the initial flesh beings in that she doesn’t seem to have been a copy, but more of a projection.

Part of me wants to see who River is in the next outing, but another part of me doesn’t. I would be content if The Doctor was made privy to River’s details without the audience being informed, but I don’t think I will get that satisfaction due to Moffat’s previously discussed stance on women. The equal footing I crave to be maintained will likely slip through the cracks.

WhoReview: The Rebel Flesh

originally on Technicolor Commentary

Another multi-part episode, this one penned by the guy who wrote “Fear Her”. I don’t think I need to bother making a joke here to get my point across.

Eye patch lady still creeps me out. It just isn’t anything introduced in this episode, so I can’t make that a plus. Seems like eye patch lady functions like a Silent, since Amy still hasn’t mentioned her and her nightmare fueling glory.

I agree with Charlie at io9 that The Doctor was pretty useless in this one. Would have been great if he had dropped Amy and Rory off and the first part was the “Doctor-lite” episode. It also would help if this didn’t feel ridiculously similar to The Hungry Earth. The sad thing is that I liked the first part of that one better.

I guess I should be less annoyed since the episodes overall haven’t been terrible when they are bad, but just blah. Then again at least when they were terrible, they had comedic value.

Part two needs to better dammit.