30DOBC: Do you think there is a limit to how many clones the show should introduce? At what point do you think there will be too many clones (and thus storylines) to keep up with?

I think the show would get ridiculous if it got heavy into double digit clones.

It would probably detract from the main set and  devolve into sort of a procedural where the clones keep covering the same ground. Less clones gives the show a chance to focus on the story and develop it more. Clonestuffing would likely just get ugly.


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30DOBC: How many clones do you think there are?

Considering the number of people on the planet there would be room for thousands. But to save a bit of bit of paperwork and overkill there would probably be at most hundreds of [Tatiana Maslany] clones. They were located in multiple countries and only having a handful around wouldn’t produce a good enough pool of subjects.

Just accounting for whatever percent of margin of error in the experiment, at least 100 would likely be required. Also 10 clones already found each other on the show. This leads to ominous threat of MANY.


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30DOBC: Shag/marry/avoid. Alison, Cosima, Sarah.

Shag – Sarah

I wouldn’t really want to shag Sarah. That’s just what option was left. She is rather interesting, so avoiding her wouldn’t be necessary.

Marry – Cosima

Because she’s Cosima.


Avoid – Alison

I thought she was just funny crazy, then she went right to torture. She’s not even like a conventional baddie. She just adapts the environment to suit her needs in painful ways. Alison is the stuff of nightmares.


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