New Light

You are forced to learn a lot about yourself when there is no TV, internet, or video games to distract you. Faced with nothing but natural light, you find out quickly if you have natural survival skills. Some people master the outdoors with no problem, others stumble without their luxuries.

As much time as I spend on the internet, it was evident fairly quickly that if all hell breaks loose in the world I could get along for a fair bit of time. I’m kind of proud of myself for not losing my mind or just sleeping through the week. My neighbors were not faring as well.

I’m just glad that when our robot overlords take over, I might have a chance at hiding out in the woods.

EAS: Early Adopter Syndrome

Most of the people that come across this blog would test positive with Early Adopter Syndrome. (This little hut is probably only known to the people in Linkville and the followers on Friendfeed, its not LAX). Most people try to whittle down logins and passwords down to a handful, yet we keep signing our information away to tons of fly by night establishments that we hope have good intentions.

We deprive ourselves of sleep for days on end, just to catch that last bit of news about something that will not matter to us one way or the other next week. Is the taste of truly breaking in a service that delicious? Why is it that we rush to test things that are obviously still broken, and have to scramble for solutions to a product that did not matter mere moments before?

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