I Had No Choice

I was going to join the ranks of drones and make a semi-apologetic yet positive review of Resident Evil Afterlife 3D.

I was also going to watch at least once in 2D to compare the experience so I could give a thoughtful viewpoint.

I was even going to pad this with a bunch of pictures of Milla and Ali looking awesome to make it look good. ( I might still toss those pics at the end or link to another gallery at some point, they are great.)

Then I decided that it is just not that serious.

Milla could have been sitting in a chair clipping her toenails in a parka for 90 minutes and I still would have seen the movie. I just happen to be one of those people who will see a movie simply because Milla told me to. Some celebrities just have that ability.  Hell, some celebrities-who-will-not-be-named have EMPIRES.

I just dig watching Milla kick ass.

Truly fun times.