Curse of the Critic

Everyone loathes a critic.

You cannot get four inches across the internet without finding someone who hates something just because it is. From YouTube haters to Twitter monsters to general comment supervillains, there is always an entity that just doesn’t bloody like whatever it is and thinks it/you/mystery item should die in a horrible series of events.

Somewhere in the midst of this atrociously hate filled revolution, subject matter critics have been lumped into this group. Having been hailed as experts and knowledge kings/queens in the past, these guys no longer get any respect. Any time they make a critical (which people seem to have forgotten is the basis of the term critic) observation it becomes a controversy of epic proportions.

  1. You think a show’s episode is just filler and give it a slightly lower review than one of the more information packed ones = you are the worst and why do you review this show that you clearly hate.
  2. You like the 2nd album of an artist a little bit better than this third one that came out 4 weeks later = you are anti-music and can’t possibly have ears.
  3. You think the game is just a minor repackaging of the others in the series, because it actually is = you eat children and are literally the devil.

All a critic really wants to do is present the pros and cons. There are cases where the person truly hates what they have to critique, but that is far less common than the world wants to suggest. Those rare cases also tend to be pretty obvious.

Unfortunately, even the most seasoned of critics can suffer from mediocrity fatigue. If your job is to look at something all day, you are going to see more cracks in it than anyone else. But a drop in enthusiasm is too frequently miscontrued as dislike or disdain.

People are too quick to forget that without the critic, everything would still be stuck on first drafts. Would you want to be stuck driving the first version of the car? Could you imagine your world if everyone was stuck with that first model of computer? We can all admit the first plumbing system can stay right in the past.

Please give your friendly neighborhood critic/reviewer/enthusiast a break when they break out the dreaded, “but” and let them speak their piece. Not only could that flaw they bring up present opportunies for improvement for the creator, but also for the world.