Not Enough Prey

It feels like it has been ages since a game was available as a demo. Lately it has been a sea of pre-orders and paid early previews. Aside from Steam’s policy of refunds if the game was only played for short time, to get into a game you just had to shell out. There was […]

Plain Man

This book was a long, painful read. I put this review off for ages because I didn’t want to just type “I hate this book!” and hit publish. I tried to take a step back and attempt to evaluate this piece of fiction without loathing, but as it stands… I hate this book. When I […]

Hemlock Grove Hems and Haws

Most shows don’t need 13-20+ episodes per season. Hell, many shows don’t need that many episodes total. I’m a FIRM believer in 6-8 episode seasons. Whether we want to admit or not, the people tuning into your show/movie aren’t trying to get into long novels. If they wanted that they would pick up the novels […]

Elevator Ride

There are quite a few angry Resident Evil: Retribution reviews in the wild. I find the disappointed reviews out there about as hilarious as the movie itself. The sad part is that neither the reviewers or the folks that got together to make the movie intended to make either as funny as they were. When […]

WhoReview: The Almost People

originally on Technicolor Commentary Dug the episode. Many of the issues I was having with pacing were cleared up. For some odd reason I have a feeling that there was heavy editing by the showrunner in this one to make up for the past lopsidedness. Rory has been having sex with fleshAmy. Fodder for awesome […]

WhoReview: The Rebel Flesh

originally on Technicolor Commentary Another multi-part episode, this one penned by the guy who wrote “Fear Her”. I don’t think I need to bother making a joke here to get my point across. Eye patch lady still creeps me out. It just isn’t anything introduced in this episode, so I can’t make that a plus. […]