Peapods and Peaches

peapods and peaches mostly unrelated items in the store isolated by aisles of disinterested parties tasked with the chore of finding one another in the perfect basket teased with like items and fickle shoppers man-handled, abused, ignored people disregarding them for potato chips sugary sodas and beer do they even realize how awesome these things […]


Attempting to quiet the murmur of its misgivings. All the while creating a smoke screen to overtake the mist. Instead the only air to receive is in short breaths. Just enough for dizziness and disarray. Escape into the mind of another, their voice amplified as text. All the better to block out the thoughts of […]

The Bell

Usually the bell doesn’t even toll. It mostly just cascades on top of the victim, in a hail of furious sounds, rumbling the air with its homicidal vibrations. One cannot escape its sharp decibel teeth, grazing in the fields on small animals in wait. Not even a vigilant eye and keen aid can outrun the […]

Getting The Girl

getting the girl… is like trying to duck hunt with nothing but rocks. you have to see the bird and hone in on it you have to throw the rock all the way to the bird—-which takes lots of effort most of the time the bird has to be hit hard enough to fall —— […]