Be Like Water

I got stuck.

From the mountains of idea debt to the overcommitting, the burnout was brutal. I didn’t want to do anything anymore but play AC games Origins and then Odyssey. Egypt and Greece became the escape that I needed to rest and functions properly in the rest of my life.

I lost the drafts that were consumed by the infamous editor to the sunny skies and beautiful landscapes of the past, regenerated by minds not hampered by the small pile of madness that was consuming my creation streak.

I didn’t want to write.

Didn’t want to read.

Just wanted to wade in the gorgeous water physics that one of the teams lovingly coded.

I have a history of getting lost in the lore of AC games. It even extends to the modern day portions that I wish they could salvage and spin off.

Just when I was going to try to venture into the world again, there were other distractions. These varied in quality but I was still able to put off any creative endeavors.

It turns out that I wasn’t escaping from everything – just a job that was a bad fit. Once that fog lifted, I dipped my toes slowly back into the creative waters. The change rinsed the mud off and these water physics are nice to watch too.