Learning Curve

How Amber learns something: 1) Stumbles into the middle of it confused. 2)Changes things around randomly to see if that does anything. 3)Checks phone/mail/watches some videos. 4) Repeats step 2&3 with increasing amount of profanity. 5) Gives up and does something else for a bit. 6) Adds sugar or alcohol and more profanity. 7)Profit.

Asexuality Awareness Week

Asexuality is often written off as that person being damaged, confused, hateful towards a certain gender or misanthropic in general much like many other non-heteronormative sexual orientations. These misconceptions are annoying at the least, but the apparent invisibility of Ace individuals isn’t doing much to sway that. So Asexuality Awareness Week was created. This week […]

The Bell

Usually the bell doesn’t even toll. It mostly just cascades on top of the victim, in a hail of furious sounds, rumbling the air with its homicidal vibrations. One cannot escape its sharp decibel teeth, grazing in the fields on small animals in wait. Not even a vigilant eye and keen aid can outrun the […]