Hemlock Grove Hems and Haws

Most shows don’t need 13-20+ episodes per season. Hell, many shows don’t need that many episodes total. I’m a FIRM believer in 6-8 episode seasons. Whether we want to admit or not, the people tuning into your show/movie aren’t trying to get into long novels. If they wanted that they would pick up the novels […]


Attempting to quiet the murmur of its misgivings. All the while creating a smoke screen to overtake the mist. Instead the only air to receive is in short breaths. Just enough for dizziness and disarray. Escape into the mind of another, their voice amplified as text. All the better to block out the thoughts of […]

The Hidden

The greatest enemy of a writer probably isn’t a lack of imagination. Some of the least effective wordsmiths have grand ideas but not so eloquent execution. The biggest demon that resides in all writers is that we can see the story but we are burdened with bringing as much of it to life as possible. […]

Cat Dance

The least efficient writing process ever: Sit at desk and open new document. Pop knuckles. Start writing. Wonder if person replied to email from yesterday, so check email. Then check other emails. Inbox zero all around. Stomach rumbles. Take break to eat and drink something. Turn TV on while eating. Watch 3 episodes of random […]

Elevator Ride

There are quite a few angry Resident Evil: Retribution reviews in the wild. I find the disappointed reviews out there about as hilarious as the movie itself. The sad part is that neither the reviewers or the folks that got together to make the movie intended to make either as funny as they were. When […]


People are constantly terrified of failing. The eternal shame of doing something and not succeeding scares them so much that they run away from any and all opportunities. I used to be that way. Doing what everyone told me I was supposed to do and suffering because nothing was worth the risk. I thought I was […]