White Whale

A sale to a tale of woe. In one of the more recent sales for it, I picked up one of the Steam Link boxes. For the uninitiated, it is a machine that allows you to stream your¬†Steam games on a TV or monitor that is not connected to the main computer.¬† They weren’t a […]

Be Like Water

I got stuck. From the mountains of idea debt to the overcommitting, the burnout was brutal. I didn’t want to do anything anymore but play AC games Origins and then Odyssey. Egypt and Greece became the escape that I needed to rest and functions properly in the rest of my life. I lost the drafts […]

Not Enough Prey

It feels like it has been ages since a game was available as a demo. Lately it has been a sea of pre-orders and paid early previews. Aside from Steam’s policy of refunds if the game was only played for short time, to get into a game you just had to shell out. There was […]

Curse of the Critic

Everyone loathes a critic. You cannot get four inches across the internet without finding someone who hates something just because it is. From YouTube haters to Twitter monsters to general comment supervillains, there is always an entity that just doesn’t bloody like whatever it is and thinks it/you/mystery item should die in a horrible series […]

Plain Man

This book was a long, painful read. I put this review off for ages because I didn’t want to just type “I hate this book!” and hit publish. I tried to take a step back and attempt to evaluate this piece of fiction without loathing, but as it stands… I hate this book. When I […]

The Performance

She leapt at the chance to be on the stage. The sea of people staring back at her were fuel to her essence. None of them were prepared for what was going to happen and she enjoyed the knowledge that the length of their lives were to be decided on a whim. Black liquid pooled […]

Old Dragon Down

Many eons ago in internet years, a little shack called Open Diary appeared and many people found community. It wasn’t always the prettiest place, but the folks were always there when they were needed. Most of them were on the site for 10 years or more so they felt like they really knew each other. […]

Peapods and Peaches

peapods and peaches mostly unrelated items in the store isolated by aisles of disinterested parties tasked with the chore of finding one another in the perfect basket teased with like items and fickle shoppers man-handled, abused, ignored people disregarding them for potato chips sugary sodas and beer do they even realize how awesome these things […]


Sometimes there is something lurking that you don’t want to write. You push it aside and try to focus on other things, but it just starts screaming at you like a hungry kid that smells brownies. You wake up and it’s sitting at the foot of the bed, drinking your coffee. It nags at you […]