Did Not Know It Was Blog Day

It is Blog Day and I am ashamed I had no idea until I saw a post on Roundpeg. On blog day, the thing is to showcase 5 new blogs that you like and to let them know that you gave them a shout. I’m going to just list the blogs sans description, so its a surprise when you get there.


1. Mike Fruchter

2. Shey Smith

3. The Foray

4. Edythe

5. Cliotech


Not Cool Enough For Pheedo

So I stumbled upon Pheedo a short time ago because I saw a video on YouTube about it. Because Feedburner is no longer the coolest kid on the playground anymore. So I signed up for Pheedo in the hopes that I could upgrade my feeds with little hassle.

Well, I am just not awesome enough for Pheedo goodness. They do not want to hook up a blog of SDA’s non-stature. Its not too much of a shock, what surprises me is the straightforward, yet stock answer email I received.

Thank you for your interest in Pheedo. We appreciate the time and energy you have put into researching RSS advertising and analytics. Unfortunately, at this time we are not accepting new publishers of your content type and subscriber level into our ad network.


Pheedo, Inc. ”

One day one of the blogs I use will be cool enough to have Pheedo. By that time, there will be something else out thats better and also will reject them

Fake Follow Is Stupid

Fake Follow is the social media equivalent of being at a party, running into someone you sort of know, having empty conversation with them before awkwardly being offered their phone number. You write the number down on paper because you intentionally left the phone in the car, and dump your pockets later.

Friends shouldn’t let friends “fake follow”.

If you really could care less what someone has going on in their feed, don’t click the button. It actually takes more effort to think about “fake following” someone you do not want updates from. Be lazy. They will not cry over you not following them (unless they already need help)  and if you have enough people subscribing to you, they will probably realize you have notifications turned off.

Advocating “fake follow” just makes you look arrogant, and possibly a bit distant from your readers. Is that the social part of social media/networking? I thought people who did the fake friend thing were on MySpace. Do you really want to be in the same category as Tila Tequila?

Stupid “fake follow”.


Edit: Stupid spammer aiding “fake follow”.

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Been There, Used That

It used to be great when there was a variety of services to choose from. It was fantastic when each service had something different to offer. Now its just a race to integrate everything else. This is one of the aspects about social media that made me so reluctant to get into it in the first place. On one hand, I love trying out new services and seeing what they do. On the other, I hate thinking something is new, when it is just Product A in lime green.

There are soo many brands out right now, most of them cooked up during the time Twitter was having issues. Most of them do exactly the same things, but I keep signing up for alphas and betas hoping this is not true. Unfortunately, I am just getting to try out the same old service with an increasingly ugly UI.

On rare occasions we get great services that stand out, and in some cases it really is worth wading through the junk. Right now, not so much.

SocialGO = Meh


It’s actually a shame that I am not thrilled about SocialGO. The user interface is intuitive, the sites are nice looking like Ning but with KickApps functionality.  I had a video uploaded really quickly with no problems — it did limit the video to about a minute.

It did give me a bit of an issue with my desire to test betas with complex passwords, causing me to have to reset the thing at least four or five times.  Since I took the time to calm down before the review, I’ll chalk that issue up to special characters or 4am and let it go.

I had a network setup with kickapps that is not fully deployed yet which I do not have time to go through and style. Might change it to SocialGO.  Its just difficult to get excited about white label social networks anymore since a new one shows up once a week. Its mostly Ning, but you can set your network to private.

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A Good Comic You Might Not Read Already

A panel from Jacques' award-winning webcomic Q...
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Questionable Content. It is not for the kids. I just realized when I sat down to read them, I read every single comic. I think there was five years worth on the site.
Could not stop reading— did not even sleep.
Found it from this list on Wired: 10 Great Webcomics You Should Not Share With Your Kids

Twine Is Not A Toy


Been playing around with the new kid on the block called Twine. It is supposed to be a semantic web godsend, but it’s just there.  To simulate the average user wanting to quickly sign in, I did not pick topics for it to classify me. The result was a stream of comments from people beginning with “Don’t read it if you like twine”.   Not a good look.

The focus of the product is creating an interest feed. This concept sounds like what the folks at Netvibes and Pageflakes were trying to achieve with their public pages. Unfortunately those did not work out great either.  Also organization was one of the main points, but it’s just not looking like it.

This might be fantastic for someone else, but it might be better to wait until the folks have taken more time to play with it. The public release will likely be better ( and faster), and it takes a little time to work out a great idea.

We hope it gets lots better so we can stand to look it in the face again. If you want to check it out for yourself we have some invites, you can ask in the comments or through the contact form.  We are also including a video from the creators showing how to use it fresh out of the box.

The Big Brick Wall

There are many many spammers in the world. There is no way we can dodge that fact, and no one is trying to. Unfortunately some of the services some of us hold dear have come up with their own methods of dealing with it.

Sure if I state that following a couple thousand people on a service is not enough for some it seems a little silly. Personally cannot imagine really following more than a couple hundred. But some of the more famous folks on the web have been hurt by Twitter and others presenting a ceiling to users.

Some would go on a tangent and discuss this being a terrible thing, but considering the number of alternative services available its not really a big deal. Since the initial blogstorm and scowling at screens has passed, people are either going to continue to use the neutered service due to its popularity or spread out somewhat amongst the competition. With many of the social services out aggregating content from the others, who is really going to notice?

Plea to Zemanta


You guys are great. Lots of bloggers love your tool. Most of us even dig promoting you with a Zemified or Reblog link.

My question is….when can we just make the Reblog link a permanent link in our blog templates, like a feed flare? Being steady users of the service, it is going to be in our posts anyway and we would like it to be consistent (sometimes the code does not place nice with other things in entries and it looks funny). See we would love for the Zemanta link to live in harmony with our other stuff.

Would you please add that feature for us so we do not have to hack up your lovely software?

Thank You

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Sucks To Be Sitemeter Today

As everyone should know now due to the blogstorm, Sitemeter hurt a whole bunch of sites on Friday and Saturday. The javascript code went wonky and shut down anyone using IE to look at the sites.

I find it hilarious that many of the folks who had sites affected had no idea and went about normal business, simply because they used Firefox, Safari or Opera and did not notice anything wrong. I just wonder how many people completely reformatted machines to remedy the problem. There were lots of fixes discussed on webpages that people couldn’t read, so I guess that is understandable.

Its also hilarious since on Friday night I was about to go to Sitemeter to see what they were all about and saw the news on Friendfeed before I made it to the site. Thanks Friendfeed, I will not be able to make fun of you for some time.